How to plan a loft conversion

The benefits of a loft conversion

More and more homeowners are investing in making good use of the space within their homes as opposed to buying a larger property. With a loft conversion you can increase the value of your property. In some cases a property’s value can increase by 20% through the addition of a converted loft. Extensions to existing living space are a great way to increase the size of your property. However a loft conversion may be a less disruptive alternative.

Is my loft suitable for a conversion? 

Important steps must be taken to ensure your current loft space is suitable for a conversion. Internal height is a key point to consider. Ideally you would require 2.5m from the loft floor to the apex for a conversion to be considered. Next you would need to assess the roof pitch followed by the surface area. A 5.5m x 7.5m surface area within the loft is a great starting point for a conversion. Anything smaller than this can result in too small a living space.

How to do a loft conversion
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What will my loft conversion be used for?

A well planned out loft conversion can be the ultimate addition to your home. Whether you’re looking for another bedroom, playroom for your children or a den to escape and relax. With the extra living space your once dusty attic can be a place to retreat.

Worried about losing out on your storage space? As standard in most conversions there is plenty of storage space. Build into the internal walls and fitted into the eaves you can have doors, cupboards and more to stash away your suitcases, Christmas decorations and more in an organised fashion.

Loft Conversion Specialists in Norwich
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Can I do my own loft conversion?

Due to the complicated nature of converting your loft, planning permission, assessments and a Building Regulations sign off will be required. Although you can attempt a conversion yourself we would always recommend you contract a specialist to undertake the work or at least some of the more difficult parts.

Planning on getting a loft conversion?

If you are thinking about getting a loft conversion please get in touch at the earliest possible stage. Our team of structural experts are happy to answer any questions and help with every step along the way. Click here to contact us.

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